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Baby Body Wash & Shampoo


This baby wash & shampoo is the gentle-est. Its natural sweet scent will calm any baby. May also be used for those who prefer scent-free options! Great for the entire family!

Ingredients: Purified Water, Decyl Polyglucose(corn), Organic Vegetable Glycerin (from coconut), Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Xanthan Gum (non-gmo corn) .  pH 5.5

8.5 oz

Most children have no issue if this gets into the eyes.  This is NOT a "No Tears" formula.  If you see those claims, it means the company has included a chemical numbing agent to numb the eyes so the baby cannot feel the irritation.  This numbing agent is often not listed in the ingredients and can lead to eye damage!  

*this product has NOT been certified to the organic standards. For more information about why, please visit http://poofyorganics.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-rules-of-being-usda-certified.html 


Baby Body Wash & Shampoo $15.00

5 Stars Based on 15 Review(s)

Kate BullockMarlton, NJ - 5 Stars
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Great Product

November 18,2018
We were using another brand that claimed 99.9% natural and it just wasn’t cutting it for me. I love using this product on my toddler. It does a good job at cleaning her hair as she does get quite oily after 2 days.
Anisha AzimullaPrairie Du Sac, WI - 5 Stars
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October 4,2018
This was one of my first products purchased from Poofy and I absolutely LOVE it!! I use it for both my son and daughter! They both have long hair and this makes their hair so soft, their curls bouncy and I love the way it smells! :) We are now on our 2nd bottle and it's lasted us months! Even with me using it as well!! Hahaha! It's an amazing product and I love that I am able to use toxin free products on my babies! Thank you, Poofy! You've made one decision easier for this mama!
Diane MessierWilliamsburg, VA - 5 Stars
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Great for kids and makeup brushes!

June 7,2018
I use this very mild wash on my 2 young boys.  Lathers surprisingly well.  So well that I wash their hair and then use it as a body wash.  Makes for a super quick bath for 2 moving targets!

Ia also cleaned my make-up brushes with the Baby Body Wash & Shampoo!   Gentle on babies AND brushes!  It left the brushes clean and sooo soft. 💚
Sarah WrightVenice, FL - 5 Stars
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Good for hair

March 4,2018
My son has crazy hair this stuff tamed it and keeps it tame I absolutely love it! Thank you poofy !
Rachel WalkerPortage, IN - 5 Stars
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September 17,2017
I use this shampoo for my special needs son and it works great. With just a few drops under the faucet we get a ton of bubbles and it lathers very nicely on his hair and body. I was a little nervous about there being no scent cause I love the smell of a clean kiddos, but it actually does have a very nice and clean natural scent to it. Because a little goes a long way I will be able to use this bottle for a long time! Very happy!
Brittnie DavilaJones, OK - 5 Stars
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Love it.

July 31,2017
This product is the best and last a long time for a peace of mind with no chemicals.
I ordered this for my daughter's 3, 6 over a month ago still have half a bottle. Little goes a long way. Their hair is so soft and shiny. Washes well. I still use conditioner in their hair but I can see a difference for sure. Thank you poofy organics!
Kelsey KaufmanRiver Falls, WI - 5 Stars
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Effective & Safe

November 23,2016
This is the only product I have used in my three kiddos, ages 5, 3, and 1. It has a neutral smell, it cleanses well, and because of Poofy's commitment to truly nontoxic ingredients I'm 100% comfortable with it! It has accidentally gotten in their eyes and mouths and there was no crying! Also, a little goes a looooong way. I think one bottle lasts us 6-8 months on three kids. Highly recommend. In fact, I purchase this for every baby shower I go to and give it as a gift.
Kate PetersonOrland Park, IL - 5 Stars
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Baby body wash

November 23,2016
I use this on my kids all the time.  Love that it has no scent and I feel100% comfortable using it knowing it is safe for my kiddos:)
Emily SciameBethpage, NY - 5 Stars
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safe and effective

November 20,2016
My infant daughter has extremely sensitive skin. This is the only wash I feel comfortable using on her. It keeps her clean and never irritates her skin.
Carolyn TomaselloPlainfield, NJ - 5 Stars
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Best Baby Wash

October 18,2016
I love this baby wash since it is so pure, I felt very comfortable using it on my newborn. It also works great and has the perfect amount of suds. My rep suggested putting it in a foamer bottle with some water and that has made it super easy to use and last a lot longer than I expected too, making it a great value!
Miki WilgusOakland, NJ - 5 Stars
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June 28,2016
so gentle and smells good too. perfect for my baby's sensitive skin.
Courtney KentUxbridge, MA - 5 Stars
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April 1,2016
The best baby wash out there. It brings out the natural curls in my daughter's hair and doesn't  weigh it down! It is perfect for her sensitive skin. I love the smell as well!
Kendra MartinShingle Springs, CA - 5 Stars
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All we use!

January 5,2016
Love this stuff.  So gentle. ... just wish it came in a pump dispenser
Caroline Marie SmithWestland, MI - 5 Stars
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Nothing better or safer

September 5,2015
I love this and although it's a baby product I use it as well.  All of these poofy products are a rare find... There's nothing in the United States safer for both family or baby
Katie BeimelWest Bloomfield, MI - 5 Stars
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Everyone in my family uses this!

August 14,2015
I love this unscented baby wash.  I've used Lafe, Dolphin Organics, and California Baby, and by far, this my favorite.  Clean rinsing.  Not over sudsy.

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